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What is faucet or Direct visits or Shorten our site in another shortcut site
This causes in locked the account Automatic
For your profits the person who is locked into your account will pay your profits to the poverty and hospitals
These are our policies and the implementation of conditions and governance
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This is direct



Payment is made every month from the beginning of 22 to 24
Any payment of less than that is paid on the 22nd to 24th of each month 

After 24-6-2019, payment is immediate for these services only
Payeer-Immediate    $150.00
Bitcoin-Immediate    $200.00
PayPal-Immediate    $200.00
Vodafone Cash-Immediate    $150.00
These services are only paid within 96 hours after being withdrawn at any time

Payment is due from 22-9-2019 to 24-9-2019 for any other service

If it is your payment (  Pending  )This starts an account that has not been reviewed
If it is your payment (  Approved  ) It starts to review your account successfully and within 96 hours we will send your payment and do not worry about anything


withdraw out now and you will be paid within 96 hours only after your account reviews Implementation of conditions and judgment

When your account reaches the minimum amount or more, you may request your earnings . The payment is then sent to your withdraw account during business days no longer than 4 days after requesting. Please do not contact us regarding payments before due dates.

 3/29/19 10:27 AM PaymenT

You will be paid immediately within 24 hours with : Paypal - Payza - Skrill - Bitcoin - Webmoney -Perfect Money - Payeer - Bank Transfer - Vodfone Cash - Payoneer
The rest of the services are within 96 hours of payment
Do not accept visit Direct

Do not accept Faucet

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Support : [email protected]

We do not have any other site

Implementation of conditions and judgment

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